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Joey's Jars

Joey's Routine Box

Joey's Routine Box

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This box comes packed with the fuel to Joey's actual weekday routine! They'll last all week and simplify nutrition for life!

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  1. 2 Large Protein Power Up Jars
  2. 2 Large Greek Goodness Jars (Images to come)
  3. 4 Snack GOAT Granola Jars


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Customer Reviews

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Gayatri Wood
Fuelling My Fast-Paced Life Sustainably with Joey's Jars

I absolutely love Joey's Jars! As someone who's always on the go with a hectic work schedule, finding Joey's Routine Box has been a game changer. It's incredibly convenient to have a healthy, high-protein meal ready to grab, and the flavours are just fantastic. I'm also a huge advocate for their zero-waste jar policy. It's refreshing to support a business that allows me to enjoy great food without the guilt of single-use plastic, knowing that the jars can be returned, sterilised, and reused. Highly recommend for anyone looking to simplify their nutrition without compromising on taste or environmental values.

Tasty, healthy and easy

Love having Joey’s Jars to make having a healthy, filling lunch so easy when I’ve got loads on, plus it tastes great