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Joey's Jars

Joey's GOAT Granola

Joey's GOAT Granola

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An outrageously delicious high protein crunchy day booster designed with taste at the front that slots perfectly between meals as the optimal way to boost your nutrition and meet goals in work & training.

Shelf Life: 4 days

Size: 200ml

Coconut & Soya Yoghurt
Soya and Pea Protein Powder
Maple Syrup
Rolled Oats
Goji Berries

Our super high protein, salted caramel yogurt power-pot is a seductive swirl of luxuriously creamy yogurt that we lovingly cover with a layer of homemade whole-earth nutty granola and top with a punnet of large blueberries. 

We created our super-nut granola using home-roasted hazelnuts and hand-torn pecans with each nut toasted to perfection and capturing its earthy nutrients.

We picked our large (frozen-at-source for anti-oxidant retention) blueberries for their brain nourishing benefits that the latest research encourages for daily consumption for optimal brain health as we age. The freezing process retains as many of the vitamins at source as possible and allows the blueberries to remain more plump and sweeter when delivered to you! Every last detail has been considered when designing our recipes to benefit you!

The 20g of protein in each pot results in a jar that's over 40% protein of your RDA.

The protein rich salted caramel yogurt combined with the fibre and protein of the whole nutty granola and finished off with the rich and plump sweetness of the blueberries that ooze brain nutrients give this joey's jar its bold name as the Greatest Of All Time Granola Joey's Jar. 

Dive in for your optimal, protein rich & crunchy, superfood brain booster to supercharge your lunch with a massive protein hit, ignite your morning with a super nutritious tasty snack or kill those cravings and hunger with a secret weapon against the 3pm slump that leave so many of us reaching for a coffee, but without the dreaded caffeine crash.

Dollop + crunch + burst!


Typical Values Per 100g (Base) Per Pack (Base) Per 100g (Max Protein) Per Pack (Max Protein)
Energy 102.05kcal 208.7kcal 102.05kcal 208.7kcal
429.52kJ 878.41kJ 429.52kJ 878.41kJ
Fat 3.2g 6.55g 3.2g 6.55g
Saturates 0.43g 0.88g 0.43g 0.88g
Carbohydrates 7.71g 15.76g 7.71g 15.76g
Sugars 5.23g 10.7g 5.23g 10.7g
Fibre 1.57g 3.21g 1.57g 3.21g
Protein 4.91g 10.05g 9.83g 20.11g
Salt 0.34g 0.71g 0.34g 0.71g

Allergens: Cereals, Hazelnuts, Oats, Pecan Nuts, Coconut, Soya, Tree Nuts.
Made in premises that handle all common allergens

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Absolutely delicious

This tastes like it should be a decadent, naughty treat - yet its protein packed & is healthy… what a winner!
Big fan of the GOAT granola and can confirm it deserves that title. Will be a morning staple as is just what I need to fuel up on the move!


Could eat 10,000 in a sitting

Delicious snack jars

I love the snack jars, they are just a perfect thing mid morning or afternoon, for someone who never used to eat they are going down easy. I have a very active job and they make me feel good without feeling heavy or having a sugar rush and then the crash after. I love them!

Gayatri Wood
Outrageously good

I've found my perfect snack. These are delicious, healthy, and the perfect hit of protein. Thank you, Joey's Jars, I've found my new favourite snack.