Our Jar-Economy

Mission to zero-waste

Here at Joey's Jars, sustainability is part of our mission and our value add to you and those around you! That's why we chose our jars to be beautiful clean glass. The glass jars are a metaphor for our statement:

  1. They act as a transparent window into the ingredients sourced to make every jar. Put another way, we ensure each jar is 100% transparent with it's ingredients, why they were sourced, what benefit they give you and where they were sourced from. It holds us accountable to radical quality in each and every jar because we have ensured that there is no where for imperfection to hide in our jars.
  2. They're a critical part of our sustainability drive by collecting, cleaning, sterilising and re-using each glass jar for as long as it's safe to do so and the glass remains structurally sound. This allows you to pay only for the food and not for the packaging with the added benefit of a zero waste product.


How our zero-waste jar economy works?

Our Collection Model

For each set of 12 or more jars, we are happy to arrange to come and collect the jars off you to re-home them. In return, we will give you a free jar towards your next order from us (and in future anyone else in our Joey's Jars ecosystem). 

We collect after 12 jars because any fewer has too large a footprint per jar. For example, if you had 3 successive orders of 4 jars, by the 3rd order, you could have a collection of 12 jars sitting at home/office, and we could then arrange to come and collect them from you.

Future Innovations

In the future, we're hoping to grow to a stage where we are able to provide purchase, pick up, and drop-off locations for the jars from areas around London. With these locations, you would be able to drop them off for reuse and rewards. But until then, we are limited to the "12 jars or more" model.

We are continuously looking for ways to be more efficient, to be more sustainable as a business and as a provider for you. If you have any ideas, please do reach out using the contact page. We'd love to improve for you and we definitely don't have all the ideas.

Our Vending Model

In shops, we will keep a track of each jar you return. For each 12th jar, you earn a free jar.