Time is money!

If time is indeed money, as it is also careers, friends, family, drinks, training, hobbies & holidays; then why spend your time trying to source good snacks or even preparing them? You're time is so much more valuable than that; so leave the snacks to Joey's Jars.

We're more than happy to sort!

Straight outta Jariginals Club London

Here are the best, most popular times to enjoy your jars from your fellow jar lovers.

  • On-the-go (when there's a lack of healthy or delicious, macros satisfying choices, Joey's Jars is the saviour)
  • When needing that mid-morning boost and focus, we've specifically researched ingredients that are abundant with energy and none of the sugar to give you a sustained boost and powering you through to lunch and beyond!
  • Looking to beat the 3pm slump but without the crash and or ravenous window to dinner, our cocktails of satiating protein and fats with the leanest of calories will power those afternoon tasks or exercise without leaving you hangry at dinner.
  • We've even been advised by jariginals that they've become their secret weapon against post-night out cravings and binging, keeping you satiated till morning without any of the guilt from the night before! 🤩
  • The lunch / dinner protein chaser (used by all of us looking to fit more protein into their diet when breakfast, lunch and dinner just doesn't cut it) - they're the perfect addition to reach those protein calorie targets without compromising on your carbs, fats or calories. Talk about wins!

We're always on the look out for new and innovative other ways and times to enjoy your jars, so do reach out or tag us on social with your creative jariginal stories.