Netflix and Smart-Chill (with Joey's Jars)


It’s been another wildly long day! I need something easy and my mind is craving taste! Only thing is, I’ve been here before, I always focus on comfort and easy when it’s late because just that, it’s easy! But, it makes the morning so much harder, my gym class so much more challenging and my sleep less deep!

Joey’s Jars are built with nutritional impact front of jar! Each jar took over 8 weeks to conjure up, with meticulous attention given to flavour, protein, fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The result, the most sensationally delicious and convenient meal that delivers like nothing else on the market, it actually nourishes your body, preparing you for a good nights rest, ready to attack the next day with bursts of energy and a clear and focussed mind.

The jars are built to make your life better, all you need to do is let them.


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