The Business Suite

Our Offering: Joey's Jars for Business

Joey's Jars for business offers a self-service solution for super healthy meals and snacks. Our nutritious meals and snacks are packed in zero-waste glass jars and can be conveniently purchased from state-of-the-art refrigerated vending units installed in your office.

Benefits for Businesses:

  1. Increased Footfall and Catering Sales: Our self-service vending solution encourages staff to remain on-site, boosting foot traffic and increasing the likelihood of purchasing from in-house catering options.
  2. Improvement in Employee Efficiency: By reducing the need for daily trips to other floors or nearby cafes for food and snacks, our solution saves valuable time and enhances productivity.
  3. Enhanced Employee Health and Energy Levels: Providing high-quality, convenient in-building snacks helps combat dips in energy and mood caused by poor-quality food choices.

Key Performance Indicators for Businesses:

  1. Impacts on Employee Efficiency: Decrease in time spent on external food trips during work hours.
  2. Employee Productivity: Improvement in productivity due to better health and energy levels resulting from nutritious snack options.
  3. Employee Satisfaction: Increase in overall employee satisfaction through access to enjoyable and convenient meal and snack choices.

Benefits of Choosing Joey's Jars:

  1. No Upfront Cost: Our solution has no upfront costs for businesses, providing immediate benefits and choices for employees while improving office environment, health, and sustainability metrics.
  2. Zero-Waste Circular Jar Economy: Our zero-waste circular jar economy, funded by Joey's Jars, benefits both businesses and employees through loyalty programs.
  3. Happier Employees: Our superior nutrition options are naturally energising and filling, leading to happier and more satisfied employees.
  4. Convenience and Time Savings: Our vending units offer a convenient, zero-downside option for busy employees, ensuring optimal fuelling without sacrificing valuable time.
  5. Refrigerated Vending Units: Our units are functional 24/7, guaranteeing freshness under contract from Joey's Jars. They are also highly efficient in space requirements and energy usage, ensuring minimal impact on your office environment.

Experience the convenience and benefits of Joey's Jars for your business today!